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Your love, artfully documented. Nostalgia, eternally preserved. The biggest day of your life and all of the in-betweens. It all deserves to be remembered. Every laugh, every glance, every touch, every tear, every smile. Let's bottle up those feelings and make them last forever.

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I cannot count how many times as a little girl I would open up my parents' wedding albums and look through them. For hours. I felt like I was there. Like I lived it. I was hooked.
I am hopelessly drawn to nostalgia. The ability to sit down on a couch after life has flashed by seemingly in an instant. Your kids looking over your shoulder at your wedding photos and being able to feel like they were there. Being able to feel your love story in all it's warmth and glory by just looking at a photo. THAT is what I do. Document the nostalgia.
Immortalize the split seconds. The laughs. The sunsets. The way they were looking at YOU. The wrinkles in YOUR smile. The once in a life time moments.

I want you to be able to remember how it felt. After time has taken its toll, after life makes the memories blurry. You will have those moments. Untouched by time. Artfully preserved. 


I have always been anxiously engaged in documenting. I can confidently tell you that my camera roll is currently sitting at a solid 80,000 plus photos this very minute. I never wanted to miss a moment. A laugh. A sunset. The way the light was coming through the trees for a split second. The way he was looking at her. The wrinkles in her smile. The way it all felt.

It has always been the most important thing to me. Never losing a memory. They are the most precious things we own, after all. I think that's why I have found myself in the career that I am in. I never saw myself becoming a photographer, even though I was always the designated iphone girl at any gathering or celebration. I was just good at it.

Capturing the way it felt.




xx Izzie

Your person.

I am so honored that you are considering me as your photographer. Your hype girl, your design consultant, your dancing queen, your third wheel. 

I can't wait to connect with you.

I have always been a little nomad. Growing up, I never lived in the same place for more than a couple years at a time, more often less than that. By the time I went to collage I had moved 24 times- and I loved it.

 Traveling has always been my dream. I never imagined I would be experiencing the world while also documenting the best days of people's lives. It is truly the most important and fulfilling work someone can do.

worldwide experience.

utah roots.

california grown.

milos, greece
Tuscany, italy
Puglia, italy
Mallorca, spain
Sicily, italy
cliffs of moher, ireland
antigua, guatemala
santorini, greece

*This is a select group of locations that I would recommend for destination weddings & elopements.

bucket list


bucket list

apr /  dallas + phoenix
may / santa barbara + tetons + oregon
june / los angeles + malibu
july / utah
aug / utah
SEPT / SONOMA COUNTY, ca + mt baker, wa
jan / nassau, bahamas
feb / utah
march / utah
apr / rosemary beach fl
may / turks & caicos
june/ milwaukee, wi
june / milwaukee

*If you book in one of these locations travel fees will be waived. 

travel schedule


travel schedule